Our current boarding rate A/O October 2015 is $375 per month.  Price for boarding is the same for paddock, pasture or stall (shavings and cleaning of stall is not included). Boarding includes feeding of mixed meadow grass hay provided twice daily, fed in feed bins or in hay nets, depending on where horse is living. If necessary, horses are fed with grass pellets instead of hay.  We provide this service for horses as indicated by veterinarian recommendation. Alfalfa can be substituted for part of this ration, but will provide no more than 25% of the forage ration. Paddocks are picked clean of all manure six days a week.  Water is checked and topped off daily. If horses are kept in stalls, shavings are available at an additional charge or you may provide your own.  Cleaning stalls is the responsibility of the boarder. Windhorse Ranch also offers at cost, a ration balancer which completes the daily nutritional requirements for minerals and lysine that are not provided by the hay.  We test our hay yearly (it comes from the same field from the same grower) and we have found that our ration balancer (California Trace) is an excellent fit. We also offer probiotics, again at our cost, as a service to our boarders. Supplemental feeding is the responsibility of the horse owner.  We are able to assist you in determining what supplements, if any, would be appropriate for your horse.  You can also arrange to have your horse fed supplements at an additional cost. Boarders have access to all the features of the ranch, including the arena, playgrounds, round pens and trails throughout the facility. We have an excellent barefoot trimmer who trims most of the ranch horses and is available for your horse’s hoof care needs. You are welcome to use your own trimmer, farrier, veterinarian, equine dentist or equine health care provider subject to review by the management.  


*Please see participation forms for boarding agreement forms.