Windhorse Ranch was envisioned as a place where humans and their horses are free to pursue their partnership with each other, unfettered by unnatural ways of keeping horses. We term our facility a “natural boarding” ranch, because we do what we can to give horses living conditions that mimic as much as possible the choices a wild horse might make. Instead of stalls, horses are kept in groups of two or more, in large paddocks with run-in shelters or pastures with trees for shelter and shade.  Our fencing is primarily electro-braid electric fencing, which creates the illusion that all the horses are together in a herd.  We have found that the horses that come here feel right at home immediately, and it is this open feeling that helps them feel as if they are instantly in a herd.  We do have stalls available for layups if desired.  Virtually all of our horses are without shoes and are trimmed barefoot style.  Our horses have a consistent supply of high quality, low sugar mixed meadow grass hay, which we obtain from a grower in Lakeview, OR, right across the border from California.  This hay is never sprayed with herbicides or pesticides, and is fertilized naturally by cattle grazing in the dormant season. While it is not "labeled"  “labeled” organic, in essence it is organically grown hay. 

Most everyone here follows natural horsemanship principles, with Parelli being the primary “flavor” featured.  Our horses are relaxed, calm and content.  We take great pride in providing the environment that fosters such happy beings, both horse and human.