Windhorse Ranch is located in West Sebastopol off Bodega Hwy. 2425 Burnside Rd Sebastopol CA 95472

Directions: Coming from Sebastopol, drive west on Bodega Hwy. Just past Bill's Farm Basket (local market) take a left onto Sexton Rd. At the top of Sexton, take a right onto Burnside Rd. About 200 yards after turning right onto Burnside, you will come to a 90 degree turn in the Rd. Go straight onto the gravel driveway there, do not turn with the road. (Careful it is a blind driveway) When on the gravel driveway you will turn left at the first opportunity (see a sign for Windhorse) this lane is called Warner Rd but is not marked as such. Follow the driveway and stay to the right which will take you directly to the ranch's front gate.