Kalypso is a stunning 15.3 hand 4 year old dunalio pinto. Her warm colors are a good reflection of her calm thoughtful personality. Kalypso wears her saddle in her groundwork play and has just begun with a rider for her riding education. Kalypso is a wonderful tall mare looking for a forever home with a human willing to continue her education. 



Keoshin (Kay-osh-in) is a striking dark grulla mustang mare born into Rock Creek BLM HMA in northern Nevada. She is 15 years old and stands at 14.2 hands with a sturdy build and very athletic. In her younger years Keoshin spent time at different ranches being ridden out, however has had some time off in the past several years. She is currently working as a lesson horse with a few intermediate students. Keoshin would not be a beginners horse, because of her more reactive temperament. This mare would make a great intermediate or advanced rider horse as she is very athletic and exuberant.




Goji is a 3 year old mustang mare born in captivity. She is currently starting to carry both English and western saddles, however has not yet started her riding education. Goji is a highly sensitive and forward horse. It’d be easy to compare her energy to a humming bird. Goji is not only beautiful but incredibly athletic. She stands only 13.3 hands high, however her presence is larger than life. Goji is looking for a forever home with a confident, calm and experienced horse person.