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April News:

We have green grass! As much as we need this rain, the beautiful spring like days in between are such a joy. Our horses and riders can enjoy using the dried out arenas, and graze on the lush green grass. Remember to keep an eye out for winter season equine issues; thrush, rain rot, mud fever and scratches are all developed through standing in mud for too long. Please remember to check your horses legs for loss of hair (rain rot, mud fever and scratches), and pick their feet to check for smelly thrush. Those issues can be treated and will prevent more significant issues when caught early on. Luckily our pens here at Windhorse tend to stay pretty darn dry thanks to the slope. Happy spring everyone!

Horse of the Month!


Cirrus is a 6 year old mustang gelding from the Salt Wells herd in Wyoming. After spending time in three different mustang holding facilities, he was adopted from the Litchfield BLM corrals in March of 2016 by Hayley Josephs and brought to Windhorse to begin his new life. After his initial gentling with Lena, he has spent the last year finding his confidence in the human world and teaching Hayley countless lessons about trust, connection, and love. Cirrus is now beginning his journey under saddle and his outgoing personality is showing more and more every day. He is loving life as a domestic horse, with his favorite activities being eating as much green grass as possible and happily accepting carrots from his new human friends.